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Know Your Customer

Customer identity management is a major concern for enterprises with evolving geopolitical security concerns, market dynamics, regulatory scrutiny and operational overheads. The enterprises face challenges in adopting a customer on-boarding framework mainly originating from people, process and data.

We offer end-to-end automated solution that captures customer information like photograph, proof of address (POA), proof of identity (POI) & bio-metric fingerprints, Iris and facial recognition as per the business requirements. 

The ready to deploy solution can be implemented with various enterprises like communications service providers, banks, micro-finance institutions, insurance companies, travel and hospitality, utilities and government sectors. 

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Mobile POS

Cloud based Point of sale solution that is fully integrated with ERP  and can be installed in any mobile device

Order management

billing/Invoice generation


Bar-code/QR code scanning

Back-end Inventory Management that includes Stock movement

No infrastructure needed at client side, fully offered as cloud service with integrated devices for end customers

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Mobile App Framework

A fully integrated mobile app development suit that is used for development, testing and commercial launch of mobile apps in the following areas:





Mobile Self care

Work force management

and many more..