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Know Your Customer

Customer identity management is a major concern for enterprises with evolving geopolitical security concerns, market dynamics, regulatory scrutiny and operational overheads. The enterprises face challenges in adopting a customer on-boarding framework mainly originating from people, process and data.

We offer end-to-end automated solution that captures customer information like photograph, proof of address (POA), proof of identity (POI) and biometric data such as fingerprints, iris and facial recognition in any required combination.

This ready to deploy solution can be implemented with various enterprises, including communications service providers, banks, micro-finance institutions, insurance companies, travel and hospitality providers, utilities and government sectors. 

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Mobile POS

Cloud based Point of sale solution that is fully integrated with ERP and can be installed on any smartphone or tablet.

Order management.

Integrated billing and invoice generation. 

Payment processing with derisking engine. 

Intelligent analytics and visualizations.

Bar-code/QR code, RFID scanning of stock and assets. 

Back-end inventory management that includes stock movement with velocity driven low stock notifications that improve over time. 

No infrastructure required at client site, private or managed cloud service options are available.

All implementation options include self-service supplier and customer portals to streamline processes and make efficiency savings in sales and support staffing overheads. 

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Mobile App Framework

A fully integrated mobile app development suit that is used for development, testing and commercial launch of mobile apps in the following areas:





Mobile Self care

Work force management

And many more..