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Digital Trinity


IoT | Blockchain | Machine Learning | CloudServices| Big Data |  Mob

Agri & Aqua IoT

Sensors and Satellite data Analytics

We do monitoring of Farms and Aquaculture through a combination of satellite data analytics and Sensors,  powered by DT Cloud

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Digital Trinity Cloud Services




Vehicle/Asset Tracking

Warehouse Automation

Telecom Solutions

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We  provide Turnkey solutions for Towerco's & MNO's for  Project Management, Integrated ERP, Revenue Assurance, Asset Management, Big data Analytics, mobility, customer on-boarding/acquisition and Consulting services


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Digital Trinity - About Us

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through disruptive products.

The leadership team has experience of executing projects across USA, Europe, Central Asia, Middle-East, ASEAN and Africa in the domain of Oil&Gas, Telecommunication and Infrastructure

We are based out of Singapore and Yangon with expansion plan in Africa and Middle-East