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Digital Trinity


IoT | Machine Learning | CloudServices | Big Data | RPA

Cloud Computing

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Vehicle/Asset Tracking

Warehouse/Factory Automation

Disaster recovery solutions

IoT as a service

Internet of Things

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Smart Farms

Connected Assets

Weather Index

Livestock Tracking

Energy Management

Supply chain management

Telecom Solutions

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                  Project Management

                  On-demand Mediation

                  Integrated ERP

                  IoT devices

                  Asset Management

                  Tower Inspection 

                  TOC/NOC  design 

                  Energy Management


Construction Monitoring

                  High resolution satellite imagery

                  Aerial Imagery

                  3D models of construction sites

                  Landscape classification

                  Change detection

                  Machine learning algorithms

Robotics Process Automation

                 DT in Partnership with BoticX lab is providing  RPA solution in BFSI and Telecom

                 KYC process automation

                 NOC/TOC automation for critical processes

                 Credit report

                 Suspicious transaction reporting

                 Automated Account closure

                 procurement process automation


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Digital Trinity - About Us

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone's life through disruptive products.

The leadership team has experience of executing projects across USA, Europe, Central Asia, Middle-East, ASEAN and Africa in the domain of Oil&Gas, Telecommunication and Infrastructure

We are based out of Singapore and Yangon with expansion plan in Africa and Middle-East